As consumers become more sophisticated about technology in their professional and personal lives, they expect more from a hotel when they travel. As a result, providing high-speed internet access to guests has become a substantial service in the hospitality industry. For hoteliers, high-speed internet access has evolved from a special amenity to an absolute necessity.

Specializing in a visitor-based network, Frozbit Hospitality Internet Solution offers customized solutions to meet every type of customer with specific needs, according to our quality standardization. We’ve been focusing on analyzing, designing, developing and performing a high-quality internet experience. Experience faster Wi-Fi infrastructure, newest technologies, and innovative solutions.

Maximum Internet

Our standard quality service provides a redundancy network with multiple media distribution through fiber optic and wireless connection.

Guest Satisfaction

The entire solution will ensure the availability of reliable bandwidth to each device on the network. Enabling hotels to deliver a quality guest experience.

Better Wi-Fi

We have you covered when it comes to Wi-Fi. We manage your wireless network with Wi-Fi management system that specially designed for optimizing, securing, and diagnosing problems within your wireless network.

Technical Service

Frozbit Engineers ready to support you on site whenever you need.


PMS Integration • Bandwidth Management • Failover and Load Balancing • Social Media Login • Basic Firewall System • and more


Take comfort in knowing your hotel will receive 24/7 support and monitoring.


Get in touch with us. We are just a click away! We’re happy to help you to re-think your network and the best way for us to do that, is for you to tell us about what your challenges are.